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May. 27th, 2008


Yay, school!

And yes, I am serious, I do love learning. I am taking Calculus in the summer. Went to the first day of class ready to work and that is what we did. Plenty of notes. I am trying a new strategies this semester, one of the guys I had in some of my classes last semester put all his notes in spiral note books(one for each class.) He didn't lose hi notes, mine tend to run free where ever so I am going to try that this semester. Got a brand new one this morning, and I already have a system in the works for how to utilize it, so hopefully it works for me. lol
Also I am going to try to spend the mornings before class reading about C++. I am going to take a class in the fall that will use it so I might as well get an idea of what I am in for. Well I have some other stuff to look at before work starts.


May. 24th, 2008


Today the good, the bad, and the fun.

I am so bad to you guys, I just disappear and think about typing here and then don't. Well today was my day off and school starts Tuesday. My plans for today were to move furniture, organize and bake. Well here's the first thing that went wrong. Wake up to the sound of the ring tone I have for my boyfriend. Talking to him, ah happy, and I wonder what time it is. Three hours after I wanted to be out of bed. Then I do my business of the morning, check e-mail and news, check my bank account because we got paid early- wait that doesn't look right! So I end up spending nearly three hour with my parents doing errands to figure out the hole thing, everything is fine good. And bonus I found out I will get financial aid, yay. Because Full time school and full time work is not the best way to go.
Home at last. So I am moving furniture in my room because there is only me living in it now and it is hard to study in the living room as everyone else is in there and with the tv going and people talking, how am I supposed to study at 100%? I haven't finished my project I will have to get some help moving the desk in, but I didn't have to move as much as I thought I would to make room for it . I was actually thinking of moving everything to give it a fresh feel but the change so far seems good and will be less work in the long run. I didn't have time to bake : ( but I might get to do that Sunday.
I need to start reading the book so I can be ahead when class starts. I am taking Calculus, so I want to be of everything. I am also going to try to study C++ in my spare time, for the programing class I am taking in the fall.
I got to end the night on a fun note spending several hours with my boyfriend, just hanging out and then playing WOW. Going to call it a night so talk to you all later.

Jan. 2nd, 2008


New years rambles

Sorry for the rambles.

Eat healthier
Improve my wardrobe
Learn more about make-up
Do more writing
Finish commitments
More aware of world
Read more
Recluse less
Do better in school

These are some of the goals for the year I am going to focus on. I should make monthly goals and sub goals to make them easier to achieve. And I think everyone should make a goal that is completely unachievable so they can feel betty about the success of the other goals, mine will be to take over the world. Yeah!
By the way sorry I never made a post about the renfest. I passed trig though. Now I can finally get to all the other classes. I also need to start looking at University requirements. What is everyone else going to do this year?

On new years eve I got to see and eat out with a gaming friend I haven't seen in years. It was her, another friend, my boyfriend, and me. We went for sushi. I had forgotten how light the flavor of green tea is, num num. I have actually been sick the last 3 or 4 days. Mostly- what was I talkin- oh yeah, mostly a throat thing.

I want to cook some cookies. lalala I should go. anyway Happy new years!

P.S. Read Order Of The Stick! http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0001.html

It has a lot of Dungeons and Dragons content so if you aren't into that it's cool, but the one I posted is funny even without understanding the rpg stuff.

Nov. 23rd, 2007


Turkey Day

Hi everybody and Happy Thanksgiving,

Thanksgiving was ok this year there was some drama, but it pasted and that is always good. I don't know if it is selfish of me to want every one happy. Or at least I would be upset if the holiday was ruined because there is too much tension. Well any way, as to what I did. I went with my boyfriend's family out to dinner. It was pretty good a Thanksgiving special. Turkey and gravy. The stuffing was really tasty it was made with corn bread. And they had cranberry sauce with cranberries in it, whoot! Then we went to one of the family member's house to have cake and coconut meringue pie. The coconut pie was awesome and I want a recipe. Then my boyfriend and I watched the Ghost Hunters Thanksgiving Marathon.
I had fun.
Bye alls.

Nov. 20th, 2007


Hi again

It has been some time since I have posted here. I am sorry. I have been a recluse and lazy and thinking over many things.

I would like to start by looking back at the first post “Resolutions” January 1st. It was in this post that I declared 3 resolutions for the year. How have I done? :

1) I resolve to be more girly. To wear makeup. Dress pretty. And be a lady. Resolution one.
2)Complete what I start. Resolution two.
3)So I want to eat and live healthier.

Ok 1, I have been making some progress here. Dress pretty. I have gotten some nice shirts and I actually changed my outlook on how I want to dress. For example I was very confident in my clothing choices as a teen. I knew what I wanted to wear and what I wanted to portray though it(The message I wanted to send out). “I am not afraid to be different, I don’t want to be limited by a stereo type.” And of course, “Dress to impress.” I got everything from whistles to “WTF’s.” But this year I have realized that most of my clothes are either from my freshmen year of highschool, hand-me-downs, or hand-me-downs that are older than I am. Also I have noticed that I don’t like the way some of my clothes look or fit on me. Since I lost weight some are just too big for me to wear, others make me feel like I look like a 5 year old. That’s good for the self-esteem LOL. As before I was eclectic, now I am starting to lean more toward elegant, but still retaining some girly quality. I want to keep the frill and puffy sleeves and cute accessories. I want to present myself well, so I can’t keep dressing like I am in highschool. So I am redoing my wardrobe, it might take awhile.
As far as make up goes, lol, yeah I am still a little afraid and unconfident about it. I don’t know enough about how to where it and what colors are good for me. Even worse I am not sure where to turn for information or advise. I found a foundation that looks great, several months ago, and have yet to go and get it. If anyone has any advise that would be great!
And be a lady, ..., not sure... I’ll get back to you on that one.
Now for 2, my room is so much cleaner. It isn’t done, but it is definitely getting there. I am even thinking of moving furniture around. As for projects I am at about the same crawl and I stopped keeping track.
And finally 3, yes I am doing ok in the eating department, it could use more improvement. I am still losing weight. And my living style is no better.


In other news I am going to the renaissance festival this weekend. Yipee! It is going to be great I have been saving up. I am so looking forward to going to Lady Dra’s to find more costume pieces. I got a shirt there last year that is beautiful. Whoot! I will give you a report of how it goes when I get back.


Ahh. Food. This is the time of year I do a lot of seasonal cooking. I actually haven’t been cooking like I like to. :( However I just finished cooking dinner.
Spaghetti noddles boiled in salt water(really brings out the flavor I swear)
Sauteed orange bell peppers and onions in butter(finely sliced)
Added salt, pepper, and tarragon to the sauteed vegetables
Then added some of the cooked noddles to the vegetable pan to soak up some of that veggie butter goodness. Num num. Well din din time now. I’ll probably get some WOW in tonight, too.

Jul. 2nd, 2007


Quest for Knowledge

As I hope I have made clear in my last post of the goals I have set and my revived hope of making to climb to achieve these goals. The first obstacle I must face will be that which has held me back for years now, math. I have always enjoyed math! But in the past few years I have become very lazy. I have already set goals for this. I have a horde of math books. Really! If you don’t believe me ask to come over and see. Any way, I am using these and my online resources to review every thing from algebra up. It is working well so far, but it is slow going. I hope to finish studying algebra and go through the entire Trigonometry book before I try one more time at that trigonometry class.
Other things I have been doing include basic information collecting. Reading and learning things. I certainly don’t have the capacity for information I once had, however I am confident that practice and diligence will alter that. I guess that is all for now.

Jun. 25th, 2007


Directions of Destiny

Note the title of this post is borrowed from a nice webcomic, but I am not sure if it is ongoing or hiatus. http://directionsofdestiny.com/

Well I have some good news. I have been troubled for some time now, possibly months, about what direction I want to go in life and if for my major I want to pursue science or art. It has been astrophysics or fashion design for some time now though I know that if I went with art I would still keep my study of math my current long term goal that I have had since my junior year of highschool when the math was first introduced to me is to eventually fully understand chaos math. I am sure I will have loftier goals as I get farther. It was also this math that inspired one of the clans in one of the fiction/fantasy projects I am working on. This brings up another problem with my direction in the last year and a half. Writing. I originally considered going to school for writing, either to be a fiction writer or journalist, but decided against this as I thought that pursuing something else would give me more material and life experience to draw from. In the last year and a half my writing and study of the subject has come to pretty much a stand still. Likewise my researching habits. I used to have a delicate balance of input and out put as I called it. Input is the collection of data, information, techniques, theories, skills, ideas, stories, etc. Basically input is things I learn. Output is the application of that new information, whether it be writing, pictures, drafted ideas, practicing a new skill or whatever fills the need to use the new information. This is some how very important to me as I feel my natural need to research and learn was one of the . . . I want to say dominating parts of who I was. Not to mention it was a part I enjoyed and was particularly proud of. Anyway back to the subject I am almost not writing at all. And this depresses me. I will have writing spasms now and then but they are sometimes months apart. Perhaps I should start using my writing journal again and write for 10 minutes every day to get back into the mode. On the subject of art and not the written kind, I love to work with my hands. To create thing. I doubt this will ever go away, not that I would want it to. I have created some interesting pieces of clothing in the past, including a dryad costume for the renaissance festival. I am particularly proud of this piece. And am always improving on the make up and tattooing that go with it, a reason why I prefer temporary tattoos. I have quiet a few projects on clothing and costumes planed, but I get no respectable progress done on them. This is something else I would like to change. Before I could complete an entire project in one week. So went my dilemma of what direction to go, be happy, and be able to support the family I will eventually have. This sums up most of everything. And so we arrive at today. I was at my boyfriend’s watching tv eating popcorn and thinking about the tea I was brewing when he changed the channel to a show I believe in called “The Universe.” This stole my attention, I was hooked. It reminded me of why I was pursuing science and math. So I will continue on that path with new hope and excitement. I will pick the rest as either hobbies or pillows. Doctrines of Astrophysics, here I come. Hell or high water the real work starts now. Thank you baby, I love you.

Take care everyone and good luck in finding and keeping your path.

Jun. 5th, 2007


24 hours at home

I have actually been at my apartment for about 24 hours. It is good to be home. Though there are things that trouble my home. Roommates who are less welcome than before, constant onslaughts from the god of clutter, lost articles. But things are getting better or at least we have taken steps to make them better. Perhaps these actions are being done too softly, must I become the demon?
In better news there were three days of monsterlessness at work. And I started to wonder why I hated it so much but, then on the forth day she returned.
I have been in an artistic lull for about a year and a half. It is like the very spirit of me is gone or broken. I don’t even research data and information like I used to. My boyfriend points out the fact that I don’t learn about things I am interested in often. And I don’t feel very confident in telling him that I used to as I don’t know what happened. I have started to get the flow of ideas back the sudden spark of inspiration at seeing just a button or a color. But, and back to the apartment now, it is so cluttered it is hard to work. Add to this the fact that I am most often on the go I just can’t settle down and work. It is driving me mad. It feels good to get that out.
I think I will go out tomorrow and do some browsing and window shopping(inside the stores). What should I wear? Where should I go? Let see I have to look at the price and quality of sheers. I need summer clothes most of mine are for camp and I am not doing that this summer. As far as summer attire goes I already got one sun dress and a silk fan. I also need new unmentionables. I’ll have the room to myself again in a month maybe I’ll look at decorations just for the fun of it. Oh, definitely look at dolls and anime.
I am trying out a computer game finally. My boyfriend let me borrow it “Neverwinter Nights.” Well I should go make dinner.

May. 14th, 2007


Take me out to the ballpark ...

Even though it is now summer vacation or summer term it is still really just spring. (Summer officially starts late in June) Well in this weeks news I went to my very first baseball game. I really enjoyed it, but I was worried that the people I was with might not think so because so often I got distracted by different things like the people in the two rows in front of us and their entourage of children. It was not that they were unruly or bothering me only that I found them interesting. My boy friend explained to me later why baseball is played at a ballpark instead of a stadium. That made me feel better about not being completely focused on the game the whole time. I’ve decided that I really enjoy watching baseball and that I would like to go and see another game if I get a chance.

Apr. 17th, 2007


I need a zoo keeper in my head.

This day as most days lately has been stressful. First I missed the bus, so I waited for the next one. I got on the first bus and off at the transfer station. I got on the next bus to go to school only to realize I was on the wrong bus. This bus was going the opposite direction that I wanted to go. Hit the stop button. Wait for next stop. Get off in time to see the bus I wanted pass. Insert colorful metaphors here. So I call my mom to give me a ride. Score, she is at home.
So I finish the stuff I have to finish and print the stuff I have to print. 48 min. late for class. Get there, no class. Today we talk to the teacher in her office. Rush to other building. Have to come back in 15 min., because I forgot to change a document to rich text. Go work on more stuff and print more stuff that needs to be printed. Go to teacher.
10 min. late for next class. Am very confident about the speech I have to give. Get up there and become a total mess. There is so much running around in my head.
Well on the plus side I have no work till Saturday. The plus is I can relax, focus on school and get stuff cleaned at the apartment and do some of the thing that have been put off that really have to get done, the down side is I have been sick. My pay checks have been light and this one will be worse. I still have to get papers in order for school pay bills do assignments ...
Thank you for listening/reading my...it isn’t a rant....stress, listening to my stress.

Have nice day.

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